Santiment's Crystal Ball Says: “Watch These Two Altcoins – A Short Squeeze Might Send Prices to the Moon!”
January 14, 2024

Crypto wizards and enthusiasts, gather ’round! Santiment, the crypto oracle, has some spicy insights. They’ve got their magnifying glasses out on two chunky altcoins that might just make some fireworks in the market.

Here’s the scoop: Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Axie Infinity (AXS) are the cool kids on the block this weekend. Why? Because their short positions are towering over the longs – like a giraffe in a chicken coop! According to Santiment’s crystal ball, while the rest of the crypto market struts around confidently expecting a sunny day, these two are the wild cards.

The Santiment seers say

that if these two altcoins show even a hint of a climb, we might witness a short squeeze extravaganza! Imagine this: prices rocketing up like they’ve got jetpacks. BCH and AXS could turn into financial astronauts, thanks to this potential “rocket fuel” scenario.

Now, let’s not forget the other big guns in the crypto world. In previous musings, Santiment’s analysts were all googly-eyed over heavyweights like Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, and Cardano. They claimed that the market had a crush on these big names. But, here’s the twist – they think Cardano’s potential is being sneakily overlooked. Maybe it’s playing hard to get?