January 14, 2024

“Hold onto your hats, crypto fans, because Aptos (APT) is making some waves after a bit of a rough ride. As the crypto world got a bit dizzy with the whole spot Bitcoin ETF saga, our friend APT was not just sitting in the corner.

Let’s set the stage: The crypto market was doing the tango with the approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs, and boy, was it a dance! In the last two trading days of the week, these ETFs in the US had a whopping near $7 billion in trading volume. Meanwhile, Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust ETF played its own tune, influencing BTC’s rhythm.

But here’s the kicker for APT. After a bumpy ride and a massive $250 million key unlock, it’s like Aptos decided to stretch its legs and start moving. It’s like APT said, ‘Enough with the drama, let’s get this party started!’

Let’s talk numbers: On January 12th, 24.84 million APTs were unlocked and thrown into the wild. While many thought this would be like opening Pandora’s box, APT had other plans. It started the weekend with a cheeky 10% rise in just 6-7 hours.

Now, if APT manages to chill above $9.43, it might flex its muscles even more. The next battleground? $10.02, a spot where sellers are throwing a tough party. And if APT decides to crash that party and move beyond $10, it could be eyeing a major resistance at $10.98. That’s like the golden ticket for a bull run.

But wait, there’s a plot twist. If APT can’t hang on above $9.43, it might take a little trip down to $8.25. And if BTC keeps playing hard to get, APT could test the waters at a crucial support of $7.69.

So, what’s it gonna be for APT? A leap towards the stars or a slide down the hill? Stay tuned, folks!”