Saylor's Stock Sell-Off
January 14, 2024

“Alright, finance fans, gather around for a tale of timing and tactics! Michael Saylor, the grandmaster at MicroStrategy, made a move right before Bitcoin ETFs got the green light. Between January 2nd and 10th, he offloaded up to 5,000 shares. Now, isn’t that a curious coincidence?

As per the wizards at Bloomberg, Saylor sold between 3,882 to 5,000 shares, pocketing over a cool $20 million. Fun fact: This was the first time in 12 years he’s sold shares. Talk about breaking a pattern!

“But wait, there’s no link to the ETF approvals,” says MicroStrategy. These sales were part of a plan announced last year, totally unrelated to those shiny new ETFs. They’re aiming to sell up to 5,000 shares daily from January 2, 2024, to April 26, 2024, targeting a grand total of 400,000 shares.

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But here’s the twist – Saylor plans to buy more Bitcoin with some of the proceeds. In a statement last November, he mentioned easing his personal obligations at MicroStrategy and, of course, stacking more Bitcoin.

Now, about MicroStrategy’s stock: Post-ETF launch, their shares took a hit, sliding down by about 23%. Since the company’s balance sheet is like a Bitcoin treasure chest with over 189,000 BTC, it was seen as an ETF alternative during the pre-ETF era. Post-ETF, it seems a bit less glittery, huh?

So, was Saylor’s sale a masterstroke or just good old planning? Either way, it’s a story of finance, foresight, and a bit of crypto-flair!”

Hope you enjoyed this rendition of the financial saga with a twist!