Which were the prominent cryptocurrencies of January 14, 2024
January 14, 2024

As of January 14, 2024, the cryptocurrency market experienced mixed movements, with both winners and losers among the altcoins. Here’s a snapshot of the day’s notable performers:


Celestia (TIA): Leading the charge, TIA saw an impressive 12.78% increase over the last 24 hours.
Tezos (XTZ): With a solid 10.55% rise, XTZ claimed the second spot on the list.
Ethereum Name Services (ENS): ENS marked a notable increase of 10.24%, landing it in third place.
SATS (1000SATS): Experiencing a 9.17% gain, SATS stood in the fourth position.
Arweave (AR): Rounding out the top five, AR witnessed a 9.05% uptick.


Ethereum Classic (ETC): Topping the list of decliners, ETC fell by 6.05% in the last 24 hours.
The Graph (GRT): GRT followed, recording a 2.96% decrease.
Blur (BLUR): BLUR experienced a 2.68% drop, placing it third among the biggest losers.
Decentraland (MANA): With a slight decrease of 2.61%, MANA found itself in fourth place.
FTX Token (FTT): Closing the list, FTT faced a 2.53% decline.
The market showed a cautious approach due to Bitcoin’s (BTC) uncertain direction, hovering around the $43,000 mark. This lack of clear direction from Bitcoin led to a cautious wait-and-see approach in the altcoin market.